Mar 28

Quotes from Abraham Maslow

From: Maslow on Management.

1) “The better the manager, the more freedom people will feel to express irritation, disagreement.”

2) “Real achievement means inevitably a worthy and virtuous task. To do some idiotic job very well is certainly not real achievement. I like my phrasing, ‘What is not worth doing is not worth doing well.'”

3) “This is an easy medicine for self-esteem: Become a part of something important.”

4) “You can say you are a scientist or you can say you are a business person but if you are truly committed to what you are doing, there’s a point where it becomes your emotional passion. You are always being tested to the core: “Did I do my research correctly?” Is there an integrity to all of what I am doing?”

5) “Creativeness is correlated with the ability to withstand the lack of structure, the lack of future, the lack of predictability of control, the tolerance for ambiguity, for planlessness.”

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