Mar 29

Adventures in Flex 2

Over the last month I’ve had to put OpenLaszlo away, and adopt Flex 2 as my RIA platform.

I would have preferred to stay with Laszlo, but I’ve discovered that the way that Laszlo manages data sources seems fundamentally broken, forcing one to build applications instead of frameworks, and limit reuse. I may be wrong, it may turn out that you can “alias” datasources in a standard way, but I was not able to find it.

But enough about Laszlo. Now it is time to complain about Flex!

Bug: Selection Highlight bar on my DataGrid is stuck at the bottom of the list


  • Create an Array of custom objects – for example, Alerts (your definition) , and make that array the dataprovider for a DataGrid control
  • Show it on the screen. Verify that the blue highlight bar is stuck to the bottom element in the list


  • In order for the DataGrid or other list-style component to do highlighting properly, the objects in the Array need to implement the IUID interface. Using ObjectProxy, here’s an easy way to do that:
public function addAlert( alert:Alert,
array.addItem( new ObjectProxy( alert ));

Now, your list should highlight properly.

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