Monthly Archive: March 2006

Mar 15


After much struggle and more than a reasonable amount of shouting “This is exactly what everyone else did, why won’t you do it too?” at my .htaccess file, I have successfully (it appears) migrated my RSS feeds to WordPress from Movable Type. However, it was a complete hack.  

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Mar 14

RSS Feed updated

With any luck, Bloglines et al will be able to read the new feeds with no changes.  Crossing my fingers!

Mar 14

Old Content

So you’re desperate for old Indefinite Articles? Well, you can read them, albeit in a horrifyingly painful presenation format at

Mar 14

Testing, Testing

I’ve set up a new blog using WordPress, with a new theme.  Now, all I have to do is get the RSS feeds setup properly and I should be up and running.

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