Apr 29

Search Engine Showdown

I watched an episode of My Name Is Earl the other day, and now I have the kickass song from Kill Bill running through my head. But I don’t know its name! So I go to google and type:

Kickass song from Kill Bill

Google‘s answer (the one I’m looking for) is number four on the search list: Battle Without Honor or Humanity

Curious, I went to Yahoo and tried the exact same search. The equivalent answer is #7 on the list, although the name of the artist (HOTEI TOMOYASU) is referenced in #2.

Altavista – #1 is the same as #2 on the Yahoo list (the name of the artist), although #6 is the first one that mentions it by name.

MSN – #4, very similar to Google’s #4

Ask – #1 is the name of the artist, just like Yahoo and Altavista, but no mention of the song by name.

Bottom line – I was looking for a specific song from the album, and not the pseudo-title “Kill Bill Theme Song”, so I have to give the edge to Google and MSN. But a reasonable person might have been looking for “Kill Bill Theme Song” in which case Ask and Altavista both do better than the rest.

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