Monthly Archive: May 2006

May 26

Is software a zero-sum game?

Glen Alleman says yes, I say absolutely, positively not. First, his key points: Everything interacts with everything else – a project is a “system.” All the elements of the project – cost, schedule, scope, risk, resources, etc. – all interact with each other in know and possibly unknown ways. Most of these interactions are non-linear …

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May 26

More on the Builder-Builder

A timely and relevant cartoon for your enjoyment, related to my previous post.  But wait, there’s more. Hat tip: Obie Fernandez

May 26

Great Poem

To follow the path: Look to the master; Follow the master; Walk with the master; See through the master; Become the master.

May 26


I’m not a wine drinker.  Red wine makes me itchy, white wine always tastes sharp and unpleasant. However, over the last month I have deliberately walked through the wine aisles at my supermarket and at a fancy wine store to see if they have some Stormhoek, so I can raise a glass to Hugh.  Hugh …

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May 25

Base64 Encoding for ActionScript 3/Flex 2.0

I updated this Base64 Encoder to work with ActionScript 3 for Flex 2.0 Beta 3. New version: Also, there’s this version, which is binary data oriented: Note that I’ve only done rudimentary testing with these.   It may not work perfectly.

May 24

Word of the day

hyperparallelipiped  Examples: Yes, but does this data take the form of a hyperparallelipiped? Can we model this as a hyperparallelipiped? What kinds of hyperparallelipipeds do you see in this data? This is best described as the product of two hyperparallelipidpeds.

May 24

Adventures in Builder-Builder Land

A co-worker of mine appears to have a motto.  I say appears, because I doubt he would actually say this, or claim that it was actually his motto.  But here it is: Never build an application when you can build an application framework. I must say that I admire his persistence.  I’ve been working with …

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May 21

Announcing InfoQ

I’ve been an informal betatester for InfoQ for the last few days.  It’s a news aggregator and original content magazine for numerous topics in software development.  Worth a look (or two!)

May 18

May 18th Carnival of the Agilists

is up!

May 17

Learning from Failure

From the NYTimes: Failure, Mr. Petroski shows, works. Or rather, engineers only learn from things that fail: bridges that collapse, software that crashes, spacecraft that explode. Everything that is designed fails, and everything that fails leads to better design. Next time at least that mistake won’t be made: Aleve won’t be packed in child-proof bottles …

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May 16

My signature strengths

From Authentic Happiness, my 5 signature strengths are: Creativity, ingenuity, and originality Humor and playfulness Capacity to love and be loved Fairness, equity, and justice Zest, enthusiasm, and energy (Hat tip: Will Wilkinson)

May 11

Persuasion and Agile Development

Having recently purchased and listened to Dr. Robert Cialdini’s 45 minute lecture on persuasion and influence, I’ve been working on thoughts on how to apply those lessons to Agile Development, in terms of: How to convince the necessary managers that switching to agile techniques is a good idea How to convince the developers that switching …

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May 10

Forum Post of the Day – The Golden Rules

This most excellent list is provided by Fred Monjo, from the Scrum Development Yahoo Group  Work as an unbreakable united team As a contributor, customer (PO) is the key for the project’s success Welcome changes as a competitive advantage Communicating well is better than programming well Documentation must be useful and significant High quality is the …

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May 09

Agile Project Management – Post of the Day

More support for my assertion that feedback is one of the most valuable of the agile benefits, and one that isn’t as easily appreciated as you might think: From Mary Poppendieck, on the Agile Project Management Yahoo Group: Being a control engineer (and using control in the sense it is used in control engineering) I …

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May 06

Framing the debate

From an article in the Wall Street Journal about evolution comes this quote from biologist Joan Roughgarden of Stanford University: The idea that females choose the genetically best males is wrong. Instead of choosing mates who will increase the genetic quality of their offspring, females make choices that will increase their number of offspring This …

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