Jul 07

A Manager’s Mind

Henrik asks: What do you think went on in the manager’s head?

The department manager realized that we needed to work close by to have the slightest chance of success. “OK,” he said, “you’ll get the room, for this project, because it is an unusually difficult one, but of course you can’t get one every time you need it.”

Oh, let’s see, here are some possibilities:

  • They don’t really need that room, but I’ll give it to them this time because I’m a nice guy
  • Getting that project room takes a lot of political capital.  I hope they don’t expect me to spend my capital on them for every project
  • They’re angling for a permanent room.  I’ll warn them off that, so I don’t have to deal with false assumtions later
  • This project may be diffuclt, but the others really aren’t that hard.  They probably would think I was a patsy if I let them have the room for every project
  • Reserving that room is expensive – I’ll have to lay off one of the staff members if they use it all the time, but I don’t dare tell them that
  • Learning and expertise comes through suffering.  If I pamper them, they’ll never get used to real-world conditions
  • I never had a dedicated project room when I was a developer, and look how I turned out.
  • If I give in on the project room, they’ll start asking for coffee, and a  restroom, and lunch breaks.  Better nip this in the bud.
  • Oh sure, he says he just wants a project room, but he’s really trying to take my job!
  • George, George, George of the Jungle, strong as he can be… George, George, George of the Jungle, Watch out for that Tree!  Sorry… did someone ask me something?
  • I don’t need a dedicated project room to do my job, so why should they?
  • Only 49% of development organizations use dedicated project rooms.  I’d rather stay with the majority and not rock the boat
  • Boy, this guy really has some spirit.  I’d best crush it right away.
  • Hmm, if I give them the dedicated room, it will cost me $100/month in interoffice budget..  and I need that money to pay for the open bar at the Christmas party!
  • If they stay too long in that room, they might notice the smell…. and if they notice the smell, they might find… the body!
  • It’s times like these I ask myself – what would Dr. Evil do?
  • Jesus didn’t need a dedicated project room… why should this loser?
  • Excellent… by diminishing his expectations, I’ve avoided a too-high rating on my 360-degree feedback plan.   Don’t want to look too talented, or they’ll start to give me real work.
  • Next month when I change my mind and tell him he can have the dedicated project room after all, they will bow down and worship me as a god!
  • I giveth with my left hand, and taketh away with my right.

That’s all I can think of right now.

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