Aug 30

New, Made up Word of the Day

The new word of the day is “FeatureSpam”

FeatureSpam:   n

A variation of Feature Creep,  FeatureSpam is the rapid addition of (seemingly random) features, capabilities and content to a software project deliverable, without regard to deadlines, existing project objectives or (in the worst cases) common sense.

For example:  A Project Management software project where one of the developers, not content with actually doing the work related to scheduling and resource conflicts, instead decides to add graphical 3-d rendering of the tasking landscape, or decides to re-engineer the underlying event framework because it “looks ugly”.  This is most particularly notable when 3d rendering or event framework re-engineering are not part of the release objectives.

Another form of FeatureSpam is from a customer – where each time the customer sees the project advance, delivers a significant number of changes, reworkings and new features based on ideas she or he has had since the last demo or deliverable.   In some cases, especially on billable work, this is just “work”  However, in more product-oriented organizations, the  introduction of a mass of uncoordinated, non-complimentary random changes can be devestating to the morale and productivity of the development organization.

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