Monthly Archive: September 2006

Sep 29

Flickr on Flex – A tutorial

I couldn’t get it to work right with the WordPress editor, so I wrote it on a standalone web page. A tutorial on using the Flickr API with Flex 2.0

Sep 29

Steve Yegge on Agile

A lot of other people have piled on Stevey’s rant. I already posted in the comments on his blog, but I thought I would hit the highlights here as well. Steve holds Google up as a paradigm of “the right way to do software.” But as far as I know, none of Google’s projects are …

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Sep 28

Flex and Flickr

So I sat down last night, and tried to learn the Flex library for building Flickr apps. (You can find the libraries at Good News I was eventually able to get it to work. Bad News It took a long time to debug the library enough to make it work. I don’t think it’s …

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Sep 26

Carnival of the Agilists – September 22nd Edition

Courtesy of Pete Behrens – great job as always.

Sep 14

How not to deliver a game

I have been waiting impatiently for Lego Star Wars II for quite a while now, and once it arrived I gleefully raced to the store to pick it up. They didn’t have it for PC.  They have it for Xbox, PS2, PSP and XBox 360, but not for PC “Huh”, I wondered aloud. “Maybe they …

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Sep 12

Step-by-step tutorial of 10 dimensions

Very well-produced explanation of the 10 dimensions, from a one-dimensional line all the way to “all possible timelines in all possible universes”

Sep 08


I want this error message somewhere in my next app! Hat tip (and image supplied by: The Daily WTF

Sep 08

Question from Finesse…

I saw this question: Should you ever override concrete methods? My next thought: Of course you should! It’s not like they’re set in stone…. Oh wait.

Sep 07

Carnival of the Agilists – 07-sept-06

Welcome to the September 7th edition of the Carnival of the Agilists – providing you with news and information from the last two weeks of the agile blogosphere. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools InfoQ presents an interview with Jim Johnson, and he presents the Top Ten Reasons for Project Success – and there’s …

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