Sep 14

How not to deliver a game

I have been waiting impatiently for Lego Star Wars II for quite a while now, and once it arrived I gleefully raced to the store to pick it up.

  • They didn’t have it for PC.  They have it for Xbox, PS2, PSP and XBox 360, but not for PC

“Huh”, I wondered aloud. “Maybe they didn’t make it for PC.”  Sinking feeling…

I checked online – no, there’s definitely a windows version of it.   Ok.  Back to the store, two days later.

  • They don’t have it either

Ok, this is ridiculous.  Drive to another store.

  • They have one copy.

Here we go!  I take it home.  Hand it to my son who eagerly starts the install while I chat with the neighbor.

Three minutes later, the boy storms outside with a look so sour that milk curdled miles away.  “It won’t install.” He growls.  (He’s prone to growling at this age)

Huh.  I go inside and try for myself.  Sure enough, it doesn’t work.  Gives me an error claiming that the main “cabinet” file is corrupt.  Odd.

I get the exact error code and google for it, and, lo and behold, LucasArts released a bad disk.  Every single Windows copy (apparently) has this problem.

O.M.F.G. – Who doesn’t test that the gold disk installs properly?  W.T.F.???????????

So I go to the LucasArts website.  Any patches or downloads?  No.  Bugger all.  Not a sausage.

But the hackers and crackers and pirates – they have it fixed.  They have instructions that tell me exactly how to fix the problem and get the right version of the install MSI file (apparnetly Lucas packaged a truncated MSI).

So I follow those instructions, and download the new MSI file and start installing.  It flashes by the error and starts copying.  And then,

  • “Can’t find ‘nuconfig.txt'” in defaul~1.cab

GAH!  What???  Who tested this program?  What the heck is going on here??????

So now I’m trying to download a copy off of the Internet, in hopes that it will run.  Meanwhile, I’m educating myself about MSI files so I can kick the person who wrote this one in the head.

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