Oct 05

The fourteen types of programmers: Type 1 – Tired Ones

Tired Ones
Many programmers are tired. They are tired of struggling to learn new technologies. They are tired of dealing with difficult customers. They are tired of having to deal with half-baked solutions and unclear documentation. They are tired of listening to others tell them that they’re “falling behind.”

And, worst of all, they are tired of trying to change, because for them it does not work.

So they stop trying. And they mope. And they focus on the other parts of their lives. They don’t work long hours, unless they absolutley have to. They don’t try to keep up with new tech and new languages. They hope their company succeeds and prospers, because they’re too tired to summon up the energy to find a new job.

Good Things

  • They are stable and predictable
  • They know some things, and they know them very well. You can be fairly well assured that if you ask them about something they are familiar with, they will have a solid answer

Bad Things

  • They suck the life from the organization
  • They find ways to be skeptical about new ideas and concepts
  • They will attempt to undermine changes that might lead towards their obsolescence

How To Identify Them

  • They sigh with exasperation every time a new technology is mentioned
  • They carry lists of articles explaining why their preferred tech is the best, so they can pre-emptively stifle “what about Tech X” discussions
  • They rarely shave completely or regularly – it’s just going to grow back after all.

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