Oct 18

The Fourteen Types of Programmers: Type 3 – Those that Blog

(See the whole list here)

Those That Blog

Some programmers are bloggers – they write articles, post things they’ve learned, rain hate-filled bile down upon those they dislike.
Bad Things

  • Anyone who considers their opinion to be solid and well-informed enough to justify sharing it with the world is fairly arrogant
  • They are more likely to be Prima Donnas
  • They can sometimes be nasty and difficult to argue with
  • They will often post negative stories about their work experiences
  • They will sometimes miss deadlines because they are too busy blogging

Good Things

  • They are often well-informed about the state of programming, because blog writers are also blog readers
  • You can get a sense of how competent they are just by reading their blog – if they write poorly, or always seem hateful, it’s a good sign that you don’t want to hire them
  • Many of them are better than average with American English – spelling, vocabulary and sentence structure.
  • Some of them are exceptionally witty, polite, intelligent and unusually modest. Oh and handsome, yes, handsome too, even if all those girls laughed at me in high school… well, I showed them, didn’t I!? Hah. Thought they were too good for me… But they’ll get theirs.. oh yes… oh yes…

Sorry, where was? Oh, yes, Programmers that Blog

How To Identify Them

  • They include their blog address on their resume
  • They mention in personal interactions that they blog
  • They say “I should blog about this.” when you tell them something interesting
  • When asked about their hobbies they say “Oh, and I write a blog.”
  • Instead of a lizard, they have their blog URL emblazoned on their shirts
  • They will wander around aimlessly, saying “blog, blog, blog.”
  • They mention things like “Technorati” and “Reddit” in casual conversation

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