Oct 27

Fascinating Article on Ruby, Rails and multiple versions

What happens when you have 4 different versions of a language being worked on at the same time?

So, there are 4 Ruby runtimes in various states of being built. They all (except for 1.9) will be fully compatible with 1.8 and they will all run Rails just fine. So, what’s going to happen when some enterprise customer wants interfaces or some other optional typing mechanism


At the core, I think Ruby is defined by Rails. Sooner or later, the Rails guys will realize they’re the dog and start finding a tail that’s easier to wag for the customers with lots of money. That will likely lead to fractured Ruby syntax and fractured Ruby dialects.

Try as I might, I can’t disagree with his analysis. There will be some very interesting challenges for Rails as it evolves forward.


Jonathan dissents.  He makes some good points, but Lisp doesn’t have the kind of Internet hype that Rails has, so I’m not sure it’s a valid comparison.

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