Oct 27

Six Word Stories about Programming Languages

Inspired by this article from Marginal Revolution (which, in turn, was inspired by this article from Wired), I’ve already written a couple of Six Word Stories.

But I think it would be fun to try to write some that are constrained by the domain of software programming – i.e. stories about various programming languages, and maybe things related to programming.


Eventually, Eclipse became its own plugin.


I am so better than Java!


How did I become today’s COBOL?


Rails, Rails, Rails… What about ME???


Must not… succumb to… the hype!


Rails? Hah. Flash in the pan.


I’m just as good as Ruby!

User Submitted: “Because beautiful is better than Ugly.”

Notepad un-indented my code. Oh Shit!

Visual Basic

I was “it” once! What happened?


They’ll come crawling back. You’ll see!

I was the original web service.


Hello World\n*hF3#lk 38&1@n a))$@ ~!P:l fl

All your concepts belong to us.


(no ‘they all belong to (us))


Without me there wouldn’t be PCs.


Without me there’s no Neutron Bombs.


“No can do, Dave.” IntelliJ wrote.

Visual Studio

And in the darkness, bind them.

Update: Added a bunch of new ones, some grammar edits.

Update 2: Lots of visitors from Reddit. Thanks for stopping by.

Update 3: People keep adding great new ones in the comments. I’m also regularly adding some of the best from the Reddit comments as well.

Update 4: My historical accuracy has been challenged on the Fortran/H-Bomb story, so, like any good author, I’ve re-written it to portray a more accurate plot.

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