Nov 28

Old Fogeys in Training

This was a real eye-opener. A geek reviews the Wii, and finds it lacking compared to his beloved 360. His reasons?

1. It was awkward to use

It wasn’t particularly fun for me, however. It was awkward to play videogames, which hasn’t been the case for me since I got used to controllers with more than a handful of buttons.

2. It *gasp* might make game controllers in the future different

I fear, perhaps too much, that future consoles will be more like the Wii than the 360. Even though it’s a fun idea to have people boxing pixels with their real fists and swinging virtual golf clubs and the like, my bread and butter will be shooters, and I do not want to have to use anything like a Wii-mote and a nunchuk to shoot down virtual enemies.

3. He’s lazy and out of shape

I don’t want to break a sweat while playing videogames. …. While some of the cyberathletes were athletic, too, I don’t think being in good athletic shape should be a requirement for gaming.

The review is really funny if you read it with an old man’s voice – like Dana Carvey as the grumpy old man on SNL “We had to walk on jagged stumps and we liked it!”

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