Jan 08

Java and Flex

Yakov Fain asks Should Java Developers Care About Flex?

Basically, this question could be re-phrased like this “Should I invest my time in learning this technology, are there any real (billable) projects going on in Flex?”, or like this: “I am a Java developer, and do not have too much time in my hands – do you recommend me learning Flex”…

We are using Flex, for a commercial product to be delivered later this year.  It will be B2B, it will run inside a browser, and it will be awesome.

The comments on this article are very amusing – Flash? How gauche! – the kind of elitist distaste that used to permeate the C++ crowd in 1995 when someone mentioned “java”

If I have the opportunity to choose between writing a front-end in Flex or HTML/JSP/JavaScript, I’ll generally prefer Flex.  It looks very nice, all of the animation and rich interactions are built-in (not assembled from a frankensteinian mess of JavaScript libraries), the language is generally compatible with JavaScript, which makes learning it easier, and it doesn’t have any cross-browser issues as far as I’m aware.

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