Jan 26

I am stunned

This headline blew me away:

11 Reasons to give Microsoft Vista a chance

Think about that for a second.  When have people ever had to attempt to justify or cajole people into trying a new Microsoft OS?    And then there’s Office 07. It’s even worse – people aren’t even trying to justify why you should “give it a chance”.  As far as I can tell, Office 2007 is DOA, in terms of excitement, buzz or anything.
First – kudos to Microsoft on Windows XP and Office 2003.  Clearly, those are two very effective and well done systems if people don’t feel any need to upgrade.

Second – what does this mean?  It seems quite ominous, in relative terms.  There’s no doubt that they’ll continue to make plenty of money, but it could be that the upgrade cycle is going to slow down considerably.  We shall see.

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