Monthly Archive: January 2007

Jan 07

worst game endings

A list of the worst game endings: The recentness of Neverwinter Nights II is probably why it did not get included in this list.  Game:  Rich graphics, exciting animated scenes using the real-time player rendering and high quality voice actors.  Lots and lots and lots and lots of monsters of a huge variety of …

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Jan 06

Hidden Market Goodies

The surge of traffic coming from my Six Word Stories post has led to a decent payout from Hidden Network, which, in turn, allowed me to buy this: Woot! (This is the first money I’ve ever made from my blog… Sweet!)

Jan 04

Propogating Events in Flex 2.0

It’s time for another JB explains how to solve a frustrating problem so you can find the answer on Google Problem: I’m writing a Flex 2.0 app, and I need to propogate an event from a low level class back to the top level app. I create a new Event subclass, and add a listener …

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Jan 03

Think Differently

Laurent Bossavit talks about his experience switching to a MacBook. I was surprised by his first issue – my MacBook Pro makes no noise at all much of the time.  I practically have to press my ear against the case to hear it.  It may be an airflow issue for him, mine has a lot …

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Jan 02

New Years Resolutions

One of the things that works for me in terms of keeping up w/my resolutions is putting them out in the public view.  Here are mine: Perform at least 1 Million pounds of weightlifting exercise (not all at once) Run 300 miles Lose 14 pounds Run at least 1 sprint triathlon Release one open source …

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Jan 01

Supervillian Quiz

Your results: You are Green Goblin Green Goblin 77% Dr. Doom 76% Lex Luthor 73% Apocalypse 61% Magneto 52% The Joker 49% Mr. Freeze 46% Kingpin 46% Two-Face 41% Juggernaut 41% Venom 40% Catwoman 36% Dark Phoenix 33% Mystique 25% Riddler 22% Poison Ivy 21% Going to almost any length to achieve greatness in body …

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