Feb 01

Resolution Amnesty

I declare today, February 1st, 2007 to be New Years Resolution Amnesty Day.

In other words, you are hereby forgiven for not following up on your New Year’s resolutions.  You have a clean slate.   You need no longer feel guilty about not following your resolutions.
You have been granted another chance to start them up again.  No one will fault you for not getting started properly in January.  After all, New Year’s day was on a Monday, so it threw off your whole schedule.  January was a practice month.
I am offering you a second chance, a chance to re-engage and try again.

And if you make an effort today, even for fifteen minutes, you have created a new beginning.  If, tomorrow, after you’ve started work on that book, or that program, or that exercise routine and someone asks you “How’s that New Year’s Resolution coming?” You can honestly say “So far, so good.”

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