Feb 07

15 Geek movies to see before you die

With great anticipation I clicked on the link from Digg, wondering what interestingly geeky movies I might have missed.

Delightfully, however, it turns out I’ve seen all of them, and own most of them.

The comments hold a bunch of others, and I would have to say that:

1) The Star Wars and LOTR sagas both need to be in the list.

2) I would have put Blade Runner in place of Darkman

3) Sneakers was lame.

4) I liked Primer, but it is pretty confusing, and not for everyone.

5) same for Donnie Darko

6) 2001 probably should be in the list

7) Independence Day isn’t really imaginative enough to deserve to be on the list.

8) Tron – meh.

9) Jurassic Park is a must!

10) Dark Star is quite good, but definitely not for everyone.

11) Silent Runnings – the same

12) Alien and Terminator both belong.  Predator, not so much

13) Big Trouble in Little China & Buckaroo Banzai are two of my all-time favorite geek movies.
14) The original Planet of the Apes series is great campy fun.  The new one sucked.

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