Feb 07


  • What is a useful application of the Y Combinator? I found a JavaScript example, which I understand syntactically, but I don’t see the point. Is it just the “flavor of the month” in geek one-uppedness?
  • Finding an implementation of Haskell that runs on MacOS would appear to be an exercise in pain and IRC. Both of which I try to avoid.
  • I love the way that everyone and their brother is telling us what the “characteristics of a great programmer” are. Two observations:
    1. The lists are always different in significant ways
    2. The writer always seems to feel that they themselves have most, if not all, of the characteristics of a great programmer.

So really these posts should all be read as “Here’s why I’m a great programmer.
Update: Reg Braithwaite says “Learn the Y Combinator because it makes you a better programmer.” He then proceeds to write a blog post showing how he does exactly that. Which, while I respect Reg a lot, is yet another example of “Here’s why I’m a great programmer.” Reg’s approach, of course, is completely different from all the other posts on the same subject.

For the sake of argument, assume that every single of them is telling the truth, and that they are all, in fact, great programmers. What can you infer from that?

Update 2: In the comments, Reg insists he is not, in fact, a great programmer.  I’m not sure I can agree with him on that :)   He also insists that his approach will make one a better programmer, not a great programmer.

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