Feb 28

Follow Up on WinHugs

In case anyone else is wondering, I did find the problem with opening my saved Haskell file in WinHugs.

At the same time, apparently there are different dialects of Haskell, and it is difficult for a casual observer to tell.


  • If I go to  Haskell.org, click on Hugs, then Download, and the WinHugs, download it and install it.
  • And I then go back to Haskell.org, and click on Haskell in 5 easy steps, I would expect that the provided examples would work.  In fact, if I look at Haskell in 5 easy steps, it gives absolutely no indication that the examples they are using will not work with Hugs.  They even provide suggestions on how to download and install Hugs as part of that tutorial.

This is not a slam on Haskell, Hugs, or any person out there who writes, enjoys or uses Haskell!  I am not criticizing anyones abilities, intelligence or judgment.   I am simply pointing out that for a casual amateur, this is not the most friendly of introductions, and I’m sure that a lot of people give up at this point, rarely to return.

As for me, thanks to Don and Neil’s help, I can actually try experimenting with Haskell now and see what I can learn.

Thanks, guys!

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