Monthly Archive: March 2007

Mar 29

Carnival of the Agilists – 3/28/2007

Is up!  Great job, Pete.

Mar 27


This is the work of worthless cowards, who lack the intelligence to behave in a civilized manner, and instead, use sub-human threats of violence to get their way. To those of you who wrote this, you may think yourself clever to control the conversation with fear.  Instead, you have blackened your core with evil acts. …

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Mar 16

Rachmaninoff had big hands

As my friend Lawrence said, you’ll never listen to Rachmaninoff the same way again.

Mar 12

A Few Good Programmers…

Hee Hee

Mar 12

Execution Problem?

Matt Blumberg, CEO of Return Path, writes: My biggest takeaway from the TED Conference this week is that we — that is to say, all of us in the world — have an execution problem we know a lot about the world’s problems, and we don’t lack for vision and data on how to solve …

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Mar 06

Stupid Test

Mar 05

Anti Team

Most Excellent Insights on the people you should avoid in your project.

Mar 01

I learned something today

Some beekeepers make their living by trucking their hives full of bees around the country, looking for pollination work. Huh.

Mar 01

Carnival of the Agilists – 3/1/2007

Crazed Kevin Rutherford does what no-one has done before – an exclusively british edition of the Carnival of the Agilists. Pip pip, old chap!