Monthly Archive: July 2007

Jul 30

Imagine, if you will

Imagine you wished to make a hyper-detailed model of the universe. Whatever elementary particle you chose, be it atom, atomic nucleus, quark, what have you, you’d need to know its location. So you’d have a coordinate, or two, or three, or some number, to represent its location in physical space. Now, when something at the …

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Jul 25

Chore Wars

Brilliant. I wish I had thought of this….

Jul 25

Woah, Cognitive Dissonance

Tyler Cowen links to a story about a Carpenter’s Union that outsources its picketing work. (So, what’s wrong with that?)    They’re paying people to picket construction sites, grousing about the poor wages of carpenters. And what’s more?  They only pay these picketers slightly above minimum wage. This is like the Acorn institute all over …

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Jul 24


I’ve managed to fall two full carnivals behind, what with vacation and other distractions: Pete Behrens Kevin Rutherford