Oct 14

Quantum Immortality (nee Suicide)

How Stuff Works on Quantum Suicide

Quantum Suicide is a misnomer, however, because it doesn’t have to be you who pulls the trigger, the effect is the same.  In fact, there doesn’t have to be a human pulling the trigger at all – the machine that reads the quantum spin could check it at regular or irregular intervals on its own, and fire the gun.

It also doesn’t have to be a gun – it could be electricity, poison, lasers or sonic screwdrivers (Master variant).   It could also be meteors, drowning, heart attacks, strokes, guillotine, rope or explosive.   In fact, any source of death is governed by the possibility of “it happened, or it didn’t happen”, based on the interactions of atomic and subatomic particles.

If the Many Worlds theory is correct – you are immortal.   And, in my opinion, since your memories and cognitive faculties are what makes you you – you are also (most likely) protected from dementia, brain damage, alzheimers or senility.

Something to think about on a rainy afternoon 😉

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