Nov 28

Futurama – Bender’s Big Score

It took three stores, but I found, and watched the new Futurama movie last night. It was not the best Futurama ever, but a bad Futurama is better than most TV.

If you’ve never seen Futurama, this is not the first thing you should watch – it drops you right into an existing universe w/no gentle introductions. The first part is hilarious, with the crew discovering that they were cancelled by the idiotic executives of “Box Corp”, but then the executives are ground up into a fine powder, and away the story goes.

The story, however, is a three and a half part mishmash, combining a love interest, world domination, time travel, decapitation and The Terminator in a stewed-up mixture of sillyness. There are some good moments, and some really funny moments, but it wasn’t as gripping as, say, The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings… no pun intended. (really)

It does manage to switch in some explanations – why Fry’s dog got fossilized, the identity of the aliens who destroyed all of the cities in 2300, some other things that I currently forget.

The best line goes to Al Gore – “Finally I can save the world with deadly lasers intead of deadly slideshows.” He’s much more personable now that he’s not running for President.

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