Dec 06

Giving Thanks

You know how sometimes you forget to do something, and then you forget that you forgot, and then you feel bad that you forgot and it just seems awkward…

Well, I wrote this just before Thanksgiving. Since it’s still the holiday season, it’s still worth saying:

  • I want to thank Pamela Slim, and J Timothy King for helping inspire me to try something new
  • I want to thank Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok from Marginal Revolution for providing the economic justification to try something new
  • I want to thank all the good people at the Sunlight Foundation for helping introduce me to non-profits, the inner workings of democracy and most of all, their interesting points of view.
  • I want to thank my wife and kids for putting up with selling the house and moving and all the strange new things that come along with it.
  • I want to thank all my wife’s friends for being incredibly helpful and supportive when she was trying to get the house ready.

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