Dec 06

Live Free or Die Hard

One of the benefits of living and working in DC is that I now know a lot more about the layout of our nation’s capital and the surrounding area. So, for example, in Live Free or Die Hard, when I see metro trains that say “MTA”, I know that they’re not Washington’s Metro, whose logo is a big M.

Also, when I see cars driving through various streets, and see very tall skyscrapers, I know that that particular scene is also not shot in DC. I couldn’t say that every scene in “DC” was faked, but most of them were, or at least looked fake, which is probably worse.

It was a fun movie, but the over-the-top-ness of the heroic survival was fairly ridiculous, even for a movie named “Die Hard”. Also, the plot was essentially a recycling of the plot of Die Hard With a Vengeance. Mac-guy Justin Long handled himself pretty well, all things considered.

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