Monthly Archive: January 2008

Jan 30

The Costs of Pharmaceutical Innovation

Megan discusses clinical trials: But clinical trials for a single successful drug cost $500 million, and not because the labs have outrageous administrative overhead. Even if the government were in charge of running them, they would still be on the hook for that $500 million, What? I hear you cry.  There’s no way they can …

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Jan 25

The joke 40 years in the making

1968, meet 2008 If you haven’t played Portal, you’re missing out on a major piece of the geek-culture zeitgeist of 2007.

Jan 24


This is a great quote: “Adultery always begins with the adulterer(s) claiming to themselves and to others that the relationship is “harmless” because it hasn’t crossed a certain line. The line where it becomes wrong is the line where you start having to rationalize like that.” Seems about right to me.

Jan 24

Channeling Jim Anchower

Yo, what’s up? It’s been a while since I wrapped atcha. This caught my eye – the chairman of the GMU economics department discusses the questionable benefits of stimulus packages. In general, I think he’s right – if you take money from X and give it to Y, it doesn’t mean that there is more …

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Jan 09

Rails Rant

Every technology needs a good slap in the face once in a while.   While most of this rant from Zed Shaw is insipid, there are some very good points.   Especially regarding the people and ideas that are worthy of respect, and some commentary on the potential issues with large-scale agile consulting shops. Anyways, one doesn’t …

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Jan 09

Washington Metro price increase

20% they said it would go up.   Well, my daily commute just went from $9.05 ($2.65 + $2.65 + $3.75) to $13.20 ($4.35 + $4.35 + $4.50) – a 45% increase. Grrrrrrrrrr.

Jan 09

Best head coach in the world

I love it when random happenstance leads me to fascinating stories like this one. Mary Wise, head coach of women’s volleyball at the University of Florida, is arguably the best college coach in the world, ever.

Jan 04

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Historic Pleo Video Conference