Mar 05

Gary Gygax and the Early days…

Gary Gygax affected my life quite a bit, affecting my imagination, my understanding of statistics, rules, processes, probability, ethics and many, many other areas.     One thing I have noticed is many people are celebrating how his work in the early days paved the path for the world of RPGs and MMOs today.

Don’t get me wrong, this is absolutely true, but one thing that I feel a need to stress is that it is always the early days.   Now, today, right this minute is the “early days” for some other major shift in the way a chunk of people think about the world.    This is the world in which you live – one where new ideas are constantly bubbling and frothing, and every month of every year provides an opportunity for someone to invent the next big thing.

Why can’t you be the person who came up with that next big idea?  Gary was in his 30s when he and Dave Arneson developed the ideas behind D&D.  And labored at it for years before it became successful.

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