Mar 11

Battlestar Galactica -> April 4th

The final season of BG starts April 4th.  Visiting the Battlestar G. page at Scifi gives you the opportunity for an 8-minute recap of the story so far, and an interesting picture at the bottom, with fairly disturbing implications if taken literally.

But should we take it literally?  What was the intent of the artist?     For all we know, it’s just a joke, and not to be taken seriously.  Maybe its deliberately deceptive, to lead you astray.  Maybe it’s just a cool picture, with no real meaning at all.  Most people look at a design and make snap judgments about what it means, and how to interpret what they see.     Be careful what you draw from pictures like this, because it may not lead you where you need to go.

Without being able to have a conversation with the artist/visionary/designer, it’s not really possible to know.    And that has implications in software development as well.

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