Mar 24

Best Practices

An oldy, but a goody, one that I haven’t seen before.

One comment I saw recently was “it means ‘practices of the best'” – as in “the things that the best software developers/consultants do”.

I don’t find that argument particularly persuasive.  For several reasons:

  1. No one knows who the very “best” software developer is.
  2. No one even knows who the very best software developer is, in a particular practice area.
  3. Even if we could magically discern who the best software developer was, it is very likely that:
  • Her approach would be highly tuned to the specific company/organization she was with
  • She would have a hard time elaborating and generalizing her approach without diluting its effectiveness
  • Others would point at this poor developer and say “She is only an expert on Y in situation X, but we are in situation Z”

So while I think it is an interesting concept (practices of the best), I can’t acept that interpretation as being any more valid than “the best way to solve this problem”.

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