Apr 04

Recent Impressions


Good Continuous Integration tool. Nice charts, easy to use, fairly flexible out of the box.   A _lot_ less setup work than CruiseControl.  And the plugin system is well done, and pretty nifty.


An incoherent mess.  Documentation is spotty, uses a lot of contrived toy examples that blow up on anything more complex than hello world.  Documentation is also simply wrong in some cases (for example, the ‘var’ attribute on the iterator tag is not valid according to the TLD).  Namespaces are nice in theory, but frustrating in practice.   I can’t get the wildcard action management to work reliably, although this may just be pilot error.

Good things: 

The integration with Spring is nice, and I haven’t seen a web framework yet that is more friendly to unit testing.  When it works properly, the wildcarding is very nice.   The Action.execute() model is useful, and easy in concept.

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