May 07

A moment of clarity

Most people, myself included, can be deluded into thinking that all the great discoveries happened long ago.   That, for the most part, we have everything figured out.

I suggest you read this article about memresistors.

Fact: This technology was theorized 30+ years ago, but not demonstrated until April 30th of this year.

Fact: One of the fundamental principles of electronic circuit theory was wrong.  As  wrong as claiming that Force == Mass * Velocity, instead of Force == Mass * Acceleration.

Fact: The evidence that this principle was incorrect was here all along, but buried and shoved aside as ‘hysteresis’

What, in your lives, is being ignored because it doesn’t fit theory?   Maybe you should be focusing on what theory doesn’t explain, instead of what it does.

Oh, and as an aside – this new technology is yet another recent innovation that will make computers faster, smaller and better.  I have friends who claimed 10 years ago that we were already at the theoretical limits of computing and solar conversion efficiency and so forth.      But the world didn’t listen to them, kept innovating, and now-a-days it seems like we can’t go a month without some exciting new advancement in technology.

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