May 20


I gave up on Hani Sulemain when I realized that his modus operandi could be described in two steps:

  1. Find something I don’t like
  2. Announce with great certitude how clueless and incompetent everyone is who disagrees with me.

Alas, the chickens have come home to roost, I guess.

There’s a certain sense of “insecurity” in Hani’s post.  As if he’s suddenly lacking in confidence.  After all, someone fully confident of their opinions wouldn’t care what others thought.    I find that surprising in someone who was once so self-assured he could shower hate down on Google Code.   Now it’s almost like he is tired of being beaten up and just wants people to leave him alone.

Sorry Hani – this is the life you chose when you first decided to call someone else an idiot in public for supporting something  you thought was lame.

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