Monthly Archive: July 2008

Jul 29

Rails To Grails Tips – Closures and Models

One frustrating thing I’ve discovered with Grails is the way data is sent to the view pages. In Rails, it looks a little like this: @scenario = @scenario.title = “New Scenario” @scenario.description = “Add A Description Here” render :view => ‘create’ This snippet creates a new Scenario object, populates it, and tells Rails to …

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Jul 24

Rails to Grails Tips – GSP tags and Array Primitives

Interesting issue that left me scratching my head this morning… using gsp tags, you can iterate over arrays: <g:each in=”${myarray}”> <p>${it.title}</p> </g:each> but if you do something slightly more clever: <g:each in=”${myarray}”> <p><g:link action=’myaction’ id=’${}’>${it.title}</g:link></p> </g:each> You’ll get null pointer exceptions. Why? Because the <g:link> tag creates its own instance of the special variable it …

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Jul 23

Rails to Grails Tips – Flash Messages/Errors

If you’ve used Rails, you’re familiar with the flash, and all the nifty things you can do with it. In Grails, you have flash, but you also have an entire tag library of <g:hasError>, <g:renderErrors> and so forth. None of which, as far as I can tell, care one whit about the flash. They’re all …

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Jul 23


Can’t resist

Jul 21

(No title)

Clif Bar Triathlon Start Commercial Heheheh

Jul 07


My site was “partially” down for a week or two, because someone hacked a malware iframe into one of my posts, and Google flagged it.  This cascaded into Firefox 3 refusing to let me visit my site (bleh).  I was able to find the post, remove the offending iframe (and upgrade to the latest version …

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