Jul 24

Rails to Grails Tips – GSP tags and Array Primitives

Interesting issue that left me scratching my head this morning…

using gsp tags, you can iterate over arrays:

   <g:each in="${myarray}">

but if you do something slightly more clever:

   <g:each in="${myarray}">
      <p><g:link action='myaction' id='${it.id}'>${it.title}</g:link></p>

You’ll get null pointer exceptions.


Because the <g:link> tag creates its own instance of the special variable it inside its own ‘domain’.


add the parameter var='myvar' to the <g:each”> tag: <g:each in="${myarray}" var="myvar">. Then, use ${myvar.id} and ${myvar.title} in your code:

   <g:each in="${myarray}" var="myvar">
      <p><g:link action='myaction' id='${myvar.id}'>${myvar.title}</g:link></p>

And everything should work again.

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