Sep 02

Announcing Fusemetrics

Over the summer, I was tasked to put together a ‘Build Metrics Dashboard’ – a piece of software that could parse the XML reports from a bunch of common code and automated testing analysis tools, and produce a comprehensive report.

We’ve been sitting on it for a few weeks, but the website is up and running, and it’s time to announce: FuseMetrics

FuseMetrics is written in Groovy, and can parse the reports of many of the most common analysis tools:

  • Junit
  • TestNG
  • JDepend
  • Checkstyle
  • PMD
  • JavaNCSS
  • FindBugs
  • Simian
  • Clover
  • Cobertura

And, because of a basic plugin architecture, it can be extended to support just about any other tool, as long as the output is well-formed.

What does it do?  It produces summary metrics and graphs – sparkline graphs of various metrics-over-time, and histograms, which profile the population of a set of code files.    The histograms are more powerful with bigger codebases, but the sparklines are useful for just about anyone.

Here’s a screenshot of FuseMetrics running on my test data

It’s completely open source – you can get the code here.   Try it out, let me know what you think!

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