Monthly Archive: December 2008

Dec 21

A bit of Christmas/Programming Frivolity

Which Christmas Carol is your programming language?

Dec 13

A frustrating article

On the other hand, this is pretty frustrating. Game developers live in a different kind of world from enterprise/business developers and IT shops, so it’s not particularly surprising that he’s being so melodramatic. Based on his writing, I suspect that he is the type of person who thinks that people like him are the only …

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Dec 13

Interesting thoughts on humility, laziness and programming

A thought-provoking article about agile development.

Dec 10

Setting up a Windows slave with Hudson

Setting up a Hudson slave on Windows First, if at all possible, install Hudson on the windows box, and get the job running properly with all the correct configuration. Once it’s running properly, in the proper directory, etc, copy everything to the real server, and do the following to connect them together. 1. Install sshd …

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Dec 02

quote of the day

Commercial software – when covering your ass is more important than the financial stability of your employer