Dec 10

Setting up a Windows slave with Hudson

Setting up a Hudson slave on Windows

First, if at all possible, install Hudson on the windows box, and get the job running properly with all the correct configuration. Once it’s running properly, in the proper directory, etc, copy everything to the real server, and do the following to connect them together.

1. Install sshd (the ssh server). This will require admin access and a fair amount of time and disk space.

2. Set up ssh authorized_keys so you can ssh into your Windows box without using a password

3. Copy slave.jar from Hudson/WEB-INF into a directory on the Windows box

4. By hand, attempt to launch slave.jar over the network using ssh:

  • ssh user@windows_machine java -jar /path/to/slave.jar
  • But the path will probably look more like this:
  • You’ll see some minor response from the slave.jar if it is working properly. To me it looked like it was telling me what ssh client I was using.

5. Set up the Hudson slave configuration as normal.

  • Create/Identify the directory for where the builds will execute, be stored, etc.
  • Add an extra set of backslashes to the path for slave.jar:

6. You should now have the slave working and available within Hudson.

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