Dec 13

A frustrating article

On the other hand, this is pretty frustrating.

Game developers live in a different kind of world from enterprise/business developers and IT shops, so it’s not particularly surprising that he’s being so melodramatic. Based on his writing, I suspect that he is the type of person who thinks that people like him are the only people who really “get it”. You know, the classic “everyone else is just a sleepwalking zombie – we’re the only people who are truly alive!

Which again, isn’t particularly surprising – game development takes a special kind of single-minded dedication and passion, and I suppose that if you already love what you do, changing your process is not, generally, going to make it better.

But it is as good a starting point as any to address some issues:

  • Yes, there are kinds of programming where Agile techniques are not ideal
  • Yes, some of the processes are pretty common sense
  • On the other hand, some of them are very, very difficult. That’s why many of the originators have consulting gigs. Because sometimes things that sound easy are pretty hard.

We’ll have to watch what happens with agile development in game shops. Perhaps Mr. Halliwell is right, and there’s no use for the kinds of techniques we recommend. It will be an educational experience either way.

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