Monthly Archive: January 2009

Jan 16

Problems and Solutions with TDD

TDD is hard. It is also really, really valuable. My friend Mark Levison provides ideas and advice on overcoming objections and dealing with the technical and organizational challenges associated with TDD.

Jan 16

Traps and Pitfalls of Agile

Understand objections. They exist for a reason. Understand the reasons, and find solutions to those issues. Dismiss the reasons, and you will not gain traction, you’ll gain obstacles.

Jan 16

Interesting approach to building unit test infrastructure

Jay Flowers has the goods.

Jan 12

good advice

This article starts off with an amusing anecdote about over-engineering, and then provides a bunch of insights into the usefulness of Apache Tomcat as a low-cost, lightweight servlet engine for your J2EE apps. Then he talks about something he wrote to help maintain Tomcat servers. Anyways, if you’re looking to simplify your web stack, consider …

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Jan 11

Agile Heresies – Competitive Threats

See here for the start of this series. Imagine you have a small number of customers, possibly one. And, you have essentially zero competition. That is to say, not only do you not have other organizations offering competitive products, your customers don’t really have effective alternatives other than to work with you. Even better is …

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Jan 10

Testing Requirements

Glen Alleman has an interesting post, where he devalues Unit Testing, in favor of testing requirements. I wonder what he thinks of Behavior Driven Development tools, such as EasyB. Those would seem to be a closer fit to what he’s looking for.

Jan 09

Simple but useful advice on bug tracking

These aren’t earth-shattering insights, but it’s nice to have some reminders of how to make the whole bug tracking process a little easier for everyone involved.

Jan 09

Agile Heresies – Change Requests

Click here for the whole series Would you use a Ferrari to haul your big bags of mulch for your garden? Would you use a bulldozer to excavate the fossilized bones of a rare dinosaur? Probably not. Those aren’t the right tools for the jobs. Agile development techniques were designed as a way to “optimize …

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Jan 06

Agile Heresy

I’m seeing a lot of people opining on the limitations of Agile. I believe that this is a good thing, because every philosophy/methodology needs to spend some time in self-reflection. First, the general principles: . Some projects have lots of change requests, some have very few. . Some projects have lots of competitive threats and …

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Jan 02

Agile Architecture

Cleaning out my to-read lists – this is a paper/tutorial from November on agile architecture. I looked through the list, it seems similar to what I would do myself as an agile architect, although the article is more thorough than I would usually be. I don’t know that it necessarily defines an ‘agile’ architecture – …

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