Jan 06

Agile Heresy

I’m seeing a lot of people opining on the limitations of Agile. I believe that this is a good thing, because every philosophy/methodology needs to spend some time in self-reflection.

First, the general principles:

  1. . Some projects have lots of change requests, some have very few.
  2. . Some projects have lots of competitive threats and pressure to innovate, some have very few
  3. . Some projects have many customers, some have only one.
  4. . Some projects have a need to generate revenue quickly. Others have a longer threshold, including never.
  5. . Some projects are working on cutting edge technology, others are working on well-established technologies.
  6. . Some projects have deeply engaged ‘owners’, others have only a distracted, part-time ‘owner’
  7. . Some projects are life-critical, others are not
  8. . Some projects have lots of turnover, some have less

I’m going to explore these variations over the next several blog posts.

*update* – added point 8.

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