Monthly Archive: February 2009

Feb 21

BDD tutorial video

This isn’t the most exciting tutorial for Behavior Driven Developmentonline casino net (it talks more about the techniques than the theory), but if you want to learn more, it’s worth a look.

Feb 21

Cool links I’ve been saving up

Creating immutable objects in Groovy – they made this surprisingly potent. The object-builder pattern – to help you during the setup of complicated unit tests. Agile – Beyond Best Practices – A mild rant against some of the recent buzzwords. Different perspectives on the value of unit testing – a very useful read about some …

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Feb 07

Refactoring Gone Bad

Any methodology or process, even an agile one, does not protect you against making bad decisions. If your company runs out of money, it will not matter how beautifully structured the code is. This is just as true of waterfall projects as it is of agile ones.