Mar 24

What will you not see coming

Elegant Code asks “What’s the next big shift,the one you’ll never see coming

I think that’s a fairly easy question to answer – its the technology that I’m skeptical of – that doesn’t seem like it will ever really work in my lifetime.  For me, that’s one of the following (ranked from least skeptical to most skeptical):

  • truly arbitrary/scalable cloud computing
  • generalized AI
  • silver bullets
  • semantic webs
  • frameworks that actually allow non-programmers to build complex apps
  • DMCA-compliant software
Yes, I recognize that semantic webs are just a subset (more or less) of generalized AI, but I am mostly skeptical we will see them as a separate, distinct technology – I think until you get generalized AI, semantic webs are just a pipe dream.
Oh, and by “DMCA-compliant”, I mean “software that would allow the user to consume content without being able to copy it”



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