Apr 07

For the Agile & Unemployed

Mark Levison has some good advice for those Agilists who find themselves out of work.   My only quibble is with item #1:

Get an email address with your own domain name. Having hotmail/yahoo/gmail address just looks unprofessional. Domain names are cheap and you can alias your domain to a google apps or any other acct. It just looks better.

I agree that yahoo, hotmail, aol, etc look unprofessional.  However, gmail, IMO, is not in the same boat.  And I say this as someone who has many “vanity plates” – undefined.com, bellygraph.com, picobusiness.com, statusme.com, enterpriserails.com, indefinitearticles.com, agilefaq.com  (actually, that last one would be great to build up if I were unemployed).   

Speaking only for myself, I find it much harder to keep track of an email address if the domain name is long and/or uses dashes.  It’s so much easier to say “gmail”.   Your mileage may vary.


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