Monthly Archive: September 2009

Sep 21

adventures in soap4r

I am trying out Soap4R, and I’ve discovered (as usual) a few hangups along the way.   I played with the self-generating WSDL, but it was difficult to see what was going on, so I used wsdl2ruby.rb to build my classes. First – I started with a test, that’s one of the ways I like …

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Sep 12

Grails PSA – Hibernate Exception w/a _backRef

Let’s say you have two domain objects/models – Feet and Toes. Obviously, in general a Foot hasMany toes and obviously (at least we hope) a toe belongsTo a foot. So given this, if you, say, changed the color of the toenail on a toe, you would expect to then do a, right? WRONG!   You …

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Sep 02

Rails PSA

Never ever use @template to refer to a model or object in your project !!!!! Rails uses this name internally to track the ERb &| HAML templates, and it gets horribly confused. You get errors like: undefined method `view_paths’ for # and undefined method `render’ for # Save yourself some time and listen to me …

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Sep 01

Rails config.gem ‘pdf-writer’ doesn’t work

If you’re trying to set up pdf-writer as a config.gem instruction, the obvious approach doesn’t work, at all. instead, do this config.gem “pdf-writer”, :lib => “pdf/writer”, :version => “1.1.8” hat tip