Apr 20

Google vs. Bing – round 2

I have been struggling for the last 24 hours or so to launch a child thread in my Spring/Hibernate/Struts2 J2EE application.    The challenge was that the child thread needed to be able to read/write the database and access services, etc.

I used Google, asked a bunch of questions, tried a bunch of different things, but was still stuck.

So in desperation, I turned to Bing, and asked one of the questions again.  And one of the first results on Bing was a clue that led me to the last piece of the puzzle, and success.

Having said that, most of the solution was described properly by Google, there was just one bit of information I hadn’t picked up.

So I’d say Google gets 80% of the credit, Bing gets 20%.    But that’s about 19% more than I would have credited Bing before.

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