Jul 22

JavaScript Native Interface & History Repeating

I’ve only recently started to look at the Google Web Toolkit.   I haven’t gotten far enough into the implementation and usage of it to make a firm decision, but I do like the philosophical concepts (which I will get into later).  Yeah, I’m probably late to the game on GWT, but I was early to the game on a bunch of other things, so it balances out, I think.

One thing that I was surprised by (pleasantly) is the “JSNI” – the way that the GWT allows the user to “drop in” javascript in situations where the GWT widgets just won’t do.

Here’s the first blog post I found about JSNI .  I love the first comment.

JavaScript is king in the browser and GWT is for cowards.

Hee hee.  Go back 20 years or so, and you’d see the exact same argument, only with different names:

Assembly is king in graphics, and C is for cowards

Pretty much the same situation – a certain group of people have made their living from being experts at something cryptic and difficult.  Along comes something (in the older case, DirectX) that attempts to simplify that difficult thing, and those experts begin flinging poo at it.

This was back in 07, of course, I wonder if those people still hate GWT and the leaky abstractions it represents.

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