Monthly Archive: September 2010

Sep 24

A fun poem

разтегателни диваниA physicist may be described (to first approximation) As a simple prolate spheroid Of infectious obfuscation. Attempts to oversimplify Reveal their odd propensity To speak of spheroid cattle Which are uniform in density— Their perfect planes are frictionless; Collisions are elastic; They’re rarely seen acknowledging The random or stochastic. The chaos of the world …

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Sep 15

Big Ball of Mud is the “most popular” software architecture

I read this, and I am somewhat idignant: Big Ball of Mud still seems to be the most popular way to design and architect software. Just because something is ‘common’ doesn’t make it popular.   Your standard everyday cold is pretty common, but it is not popular.   Traffic jams are common, but I doubt …

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Sep 13

Farewell, Bloglines

I’ve been using Bloglines for a long time, since  2004 if I’m not mistaken.  It’s been a constant and welcome part of my online experience. Alas, apparently, they could not find a way to make money off of it. Which is unfortunate, because I always thought that it would have been a fabulous corporate knowledge-sharing …

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Sep 10

This just in

Programmer who cares deeply about performance disagrees with claim that ‘Premature Optimization is the root of all evil’

Sep 03


Glenn Alleman, who is often critical of some of the less structured aspects of Agile  (not in a nasty or spiteful way) mentions a project he is working on: I’m working a moderate ($300M) Army program through January Moderate?  That’s a jaw-droppingly large amount of money, and IMO, it explains a lot of the friction …

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