Sep 03


Glenn Alleman, who is often critical of some of the less structured aspects of Agile  (not in a nasty or spiteful way) mentions a project he is working on:

I’m working a moderate ($300M) Army program through January

Moderate?  That’s a jaw-droppingly large amount of money, and IMO, it explains a lot of the friction between his perspective and a more classical “agile” perspective – agile projects are (in my experience) 100-1000x less expensive, with a corresponding lack of scrutiny/accountability/oversight from management.  Many of the problems/issues that agile was designed to resolve would never happen on a project that large, because that’s way too much money to be sloshing around without high levels of management accountability.

Anyways, I am endlessly fascinated by all the different ways that people can build things.

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